In person
     9:45 am Adult Sunday School
          (Children' Sunday School to start up soon)
     11:00 am Worship

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, located in Santa Maria, CA, is an established congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church that is committed to the Reformed faith and the sovereign grace of the triune God. We are prayerfully seeking a full time pastor in unreserved agreement to the standards of the OPC with a solid background in Reformed theology; holding a Master of Divinity degree or higher; experienced in strengthening people of all ages with both biblical preaching and evangelism, and in pastoral care of congregants. Please submit your resume to Committee Chairperson Sondra Vaughan via email at or by USPS at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, OPC, P.O. Box 2473, Santa Maria, CA 93457.  Application will be received through June 30, 2021.